The recent surge in popularity of Dr. Seuss has sparked an interest in this theme for Baby Showers. The main colors tend to be blue and red; a fun, gender-neutral color combination. There are lots of fun things to do within this theme, from cute rhyming invitations to adorable cakes and creative games. Print Dr. Seuss advice cards for guests to give advice to new parents. Have “Cat in the Hat” cupcakes. Ask all guests to autograph a Dr. Seuss book for the new baby. Lots of fun will be had at a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower!


Here are a few of my absolute favorite ideas. You can find plenty more on our “Dr. Seuss Baby Shower” Pinterest board!

Festive Dr. Seuss Cake

This colorfully layered blue and red cake is simple, but has a rather stunning effect. Atop it stands a colorful banner. This was created for a birthday party, but is easily adaptable for a baby shower. The banner could be made quite simply with painted dowel rods or paper straws, some scrapbooking paper and twine. It could state the name of the Mom-to-Be, the baby, or just be simple colors. This lovely cake was found at Kara’s Party Ideas.


Dr. Seuss Hat and Goldfish Bowl Centerpiece

I love this centerpiece. It is a goldfish bowl (replete with live goldfish), with blue marabou feather trim on top of the bowl. Lining the bottom of the bowl are blue marbles (blue gems or rocks would work as well). Next to it is a red and white striped “Cat in the Hat” style hat. If these are not readily available, they could be made using craft felt. They could also be made by painting clear glass vases with red and white stripes, and attaching a felt “hat brim”. In each hat is several red and white carnations (blue would be fun, as well). This lovely centerpiece (and gorgeous tablescapes on her blog) comes from Amy Ro Creations.


Dr. Seuss Photo Booth

I love this photo booth idea! A festively painted blue wooden frame, and props such as a red marabou feather boa, red (or blue) flower, and “Cat in the Hat” style hat. Other props could include a stuffed Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss quotes, Blue Wigs for “Thing 1″ and “Thing 2″ hair, Lorax-style Orange Mustache, Glasses and Dr. Seuss Books. This idea is courtesy of Simply Styled Home.


Dr. Seuss THING (Bingo!)

Need a party game? How about THING! It’s BINGO, only with T-H-I-N-G instead of B-I-N-G-O. Make your own THING cards, then punch out red and blue cardstock THING markers. This idea is from Sunny by Design.


Dr. Seuss Backdrop

What a fun and easy backdrop! Tape blue, red and/or white balloons to high on the wall. Twist red, white and/or blue streamers down from the balloons and to the floor. Simple, colorful and very eye-catching. Courtesy of The Johns Journey.





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