Baby shower is such a happy moment. The happy moment needs special treatment that everybody gets the message of mothers-to-be happiness by throwing a baby shower party. Yet, is it possible to still have baby shower on a tight budget? Yes the show must go on and you don’t have any excuses that a tight budget will stop you to have one since there are loopholes that helps you to manage a party.

Baby Shower On A Tight Budget

How to Make Baby Shower On A Tight Budget

Below are some of assorted baby shower on a tight budget loopholes that you can make a consideration of:

  1. Save your money by planning the right time of the event. Time is the key of serving food. The right time to have the party is around 2 o’clock. It is a time after brunch and before the dinner. It is ok to have sweets, beverages and perhaps snacks to pamper your guests in this time.
  2. Inexpensive favors. There are a lot of ideas to have cheap favors in the internet. Some of them are handmade favors such as candles, soaps, edible favors and so on. There are also recommended sites that provide cheap favors.
  3. Plan your game wisely. Some games need some extra money since you have to buy some items as supplies. By planning what game and what supplies you are going to need for, you are in inches far about going to have baby shower on tight budget. Measuring mother’s belly game is a favorite one. Substitute the measurement with things like strings, ropes, or even hands will cut off unnecessary budget.
  4.  A Handmade decoration also saves you tons. Decorate the place with attaching baby basic things with clothespins on ropes or strings will be a perfect example of the idea to have baby shower on a tight budget. Sprinkle confetti that you can make from colorful papers and streamers made of tissue paper hung on the ceiling is definitely a good idea to decorate the place.


baby shower on a tight budget