Whether you are throwing baby shower for yourself or for a friend or for a client, baby shower should be fun and mirroring the mother-to-be happiness. Setting up the mood is one way to share the happiness. Decorating is one way to help to boost the mood. Decorations are available on online store or offline. They provide you with wide range of decoration selections. For some personal reason people tend to have a baby shower homemade decorations. There is no way you cannot have store decoration items quality by making them by yourself. Take a look on our several baby shower homemade decorations easy to make below and pay less to get the party started.

Baby Shower Homemade Decorations

What to choose for Baby Shower Homemade Decorations ?

Some of baby shower homemade decorations are including baby shower centerpieces, table decoration, ceiling decoration, place setting and centerpieces. Here are the some of the ideas:

  1. Balloons. Balloons are the most well known party supplies that applicable in any occasion. Fill them up with helium and set up several balloons to be hung on ceiling or making it as a centerpiece.
  2. For table decoration use pacifiers as the napkin rings
  3. Instead of vas you can decorate your table using baby bottles
  4. Baby bottles also serve as candies container or any small ornaments stuff container
  5. Baby napkin or burp cloths can be use as placemats
  6. Baby clothes also benefit for spice up the decorations. Have strings or ropes suspended across the room, and attach baby clothes and stuff with clothespins. If you are lack of game ideas, this decoration also serve as games supplies. Ask the guests to tell number of clothes hung on without count them first.
  7. Baby bibs also serve as the decorations. Use the same idea of hanging up baby clothes above.
Baby Shower Homemade Decoration Ideas

Those baby shower homemade decorations are surely easy and applicable for all of us and don’t bother to purchase those expensive decorations anymore.



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