Baby shower decorations will bring the happiness and excitement when you held baby shower at home. The atmosphere of baby shower becomes more fun if you can decorate the party well and has theme. One thing you need to know, baby shower decorations is not always expensive. As long as you know the theme and how to decorate baby shower, it can save your budget.

In addition, it can be handmade instead of purchase it at store or on online store. Besides that, you can do combination to create fun and creative decoration for the baby shower party. And if your budget really limited, you can forget about balloons and streamers. You still can create an adorable baby shower decorations with inexpensive tools and very little skill as long as you have ideas.

Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Well, here some Baby Shower Decorations that will give you insight for your baby celebration. Check these out :

Cocktail Napkins With Flowers

In order to create cocktail napkins with flowers, you can grab two regular-sized napkins with the main color. Then, you can add one smaller cocktail and one for the inside accent color. You can use blue, pink or any color, baby-like print you can find. Afterward, cut the edge of each napkin at the folds so that they are un-connected. Next, place the napkins down with the cocktail one centered on top of the plan ones.

Baby Shower Decorations For Limited Budget

After that, fold in a fan shape and scallop the edges while folded. By using floral wire or twist tie, twist the center together before unfolding and then fan out the napkins. However, it should be look like a bow tie. Furthermore is starting with the cocktail napkin on top, peel up each layer carefully towards the center of the bow tie. And after you finished, you will have a wonderful flower and no one can guess if it is a cocktail napkin.

Decoration With Tissue Paper Flowers

Baby Shower Decorations For Limited Budget- Decoration With Tissue Paper Flowers

Actually, this decoration is similar like cocktail napkin flower. But, there are more delicate and you can make a ball shape which is so perfect for hanging over the tables and around the house as you held the baby shower at home. However, decorations with tissue paper flowers are look wonderful and classy.

Decoration Of Scrapbook Paper Pinwheels

As you want to decorate the baby shower party with scrapbook paper pinwheels, you can take your favorite pattern of scrapbook paper and then fold it back and forth in a fan pattern. Then, take another piece of the same paper and do it the same. Afterwards, twist tie the two together while folded in fan shape in the center.

Baby Shower Decorations For Limited Budget - Decoration Of Scrapbook Paper Pinwheels

Furthermore, you can fan out each end and staple them together to create beautiful patterned circles. In the baby shower party, you can hang it between the tissue paper flowers. In order to give great decoration, you also can use cocktail napkins or tissue.

Decoration With Baby Sock Bouquet

Baby Shower Decorations For Limited Budget - Decoration With Baby Sock Bouquet

Actually, decoration with baby sock bouquet becomes adorable bouquet because it is made from sweet and cute baby socks. So, when you want to make decoration with baby socks, you only need some floral wires and floral tapes to complete and arrange it in the room. Besides that, you can add some fake greenery stuffs and place them in a vase.

Decoration With Diaper Cake

Decoration with diaper cake is relatively easy to be made because it can show a mommy that you know what she needs because it will bring her style. Diaper cake decoration also demands your creativity, because you can add blankets, bibs, and bottles.

Baby Shower Decorations For Limited Budget - Decoration With Diaper Cake

However, those baby shower decorations ideas above can be made in your party so that you can have fun. Thus, you only need to prepare the materials so that it can be made easily. So, you still can save your money if you know how to make it with your family.

Well, that’s all for Baby Shower Decorations. If you have another idea please let us know, so we can share the world for your Baby Shower Decorations ideas :)